A few thoughts for the summer….

Was mentionning elections in the last posts and warning to watch them in many previous posts.

So, what happened? EU elections? The brain-unswitched left-wing media are up in arms “Oh, my God, the far-right is gaining audience like never before!!”. Of course, they are the Devil and Evil people and all… ok, but wait a minute, Democracies have expressed their views, no? And agreeing or not is not the point; this result should come as no surprise… people are fed up and want to be heard!

No reason to panic (yet, that is), as the far-right will indeed gain a good slice of the seats in the European Parliament, but nowhere close to be able to impose anything; however way enough to be heard, and loudly… is that not Democracy, after all?

What will be most important to follow and influence is where we go from here…

Now Ukraine? Well, chocolate and a strong punch was an easy thing to foresee in my last post, i.e. Mr. Poroshenko was elected President and Vitaliy Klitchko mayor of Kiev. One key point to be hopeful for changes for the better is that both are in no need of money…

Now summer is ahead, with the usual slow months of July and August, and the traditional September awakening. The French call it the “Rentrée Sociale”, and no doubt it will continue to be interesting this year….

Just to raise a few points: I picked-up 4 topics in the Wall Street Journal of the first of this month, and they are all within the first 5 pages:

– “US Economy shrank during frigid 1st Quarter”. Bad news, as no “horny” Quarter foreseen ahead….

– “Election over, Europe launches a Turf War”, on the election of the European Commission President by the new Parliament… well, let’s see how the votes from the Evil side will go, as they will be heavily courted by many…

– “Police Battle Barcelona Squatters”. Yep, after the indignados, the looting of supermarkets organized by Unions (see that blog here) , keep following these topics, as the proportion of people likely to go over the edge and express their views and hopes violently will not diminish…

– Last but not least: “Britain Adds The Wages From Crime To Its GDP”. I am not making this one up!!! Cool, huh? Getting pretty desperate to show nice statistics, as the Government claims it is 2.3% of GDP….

Keep smiling and enjoy the summer!!!!

Simon Q.


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