A good book for a good deed…!

Its FREE !!! And I even hope this will cost me a max….

My book is free on Kindle for 5 days, because of a bet I made with a friend. Not a bet for my own gain, as here’s the deal: if free downloads do reach a certain level, I win the privilege of donating a fixed sum to a charity I shall refrain from naming (but it does good to many); and each multiple of the threshold thereafter, the amount goes up…

The figure is 1’000 (one thousand) downloads.

So here’s the gig.

Step 1:

You have Kindle, go ahead and “buy” my book for free by clicking on the link(s) below.

(btw, if you don’t have a Kindle, apply for the free “Kindle reading app” that is on the same page of the links, as it’s also free and works great on tablets, smartphones and computers).

Both versions of the book are for free:

English link

Russian link

Step 2:

Very important not to miss this one please….

Share this and the Kindle links on Twitter, Facebook or whatever source of multiple contacts you have and let’s see how far we get.

Part of any readers group? Please forward this to them…!

5 Days to go!!!

Let’s see how far we get on this one….

Thanks for your help!

Simon Q.

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