The Book

The Plot

The book “2084, don’t be scared be prepared” is written after 2084 by Simon, a young man born in 2064. It is based on the tales he heard over his teenage years from the Old Man and the Wise from his village, describing the world as it was before and after the Economic Implosion and its socio-political consequences that triggered a sequence of Human behaviors that wrote the worst pages of Human History. He promised the Old Man on his deathbed that he would write all down for the future generations….

The times he heard of and writes about is when greed and the cult of Consumerism had taken over the whole world like the worst weed spreads and kills off all other plants, then the “Civilization of Capital” imploded and all hell broke loose.


Through a choice of stories and anecdotal points of the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, 2084 takes us through a period of time where any political ideology was superseded by greed, where sociological values of respect, education, good character and decency were overtaken by the cult of appearance, the eagerness to be defined by what you have rather than what you are and do.

The economic implosion of the world brings out an escalation in the worst of Human behaviors, as the only goal is to survive by all means. Casualties amount to seventy-five percent of the planet’s Human population.

Happily, or so to speak, in the end when things cannot possibly get any worse, the positive side of Human intelligence takes over and the World gets together for a complete re-start, as if all the events described were just like hitting a big “reset” button.

2084 does deserve its sub-title, “Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared”…