Dear Reader

You are about to be taken on a ride towards the future as it might be….

You might be shocked, surprised and scared, especially as there is no way off this train wreck. So hold on tight!

The world in its present politico-economic set-up is heading for an implosion. The only unknown variable is the trigger-pulling date, though it is probably already behind us and we are irremediably spinning out-of-control.

The truth about the economic realities of today is rarely, if ever, mentioned. One example is that of France. Though a AAA credit-risk, it has already accumulated debt equal to 83% of its GDP and it is increasing fast, fed by a large budgetary deficit; would the Country want to simply break-even, expenses should have to be reduced 40%, or alternatively revenues increased 65% (*). Any policies to do so would be politically and sociologically impossible to implement, and just mentioning them publicly would bring riots to the streets. Very few so-called developed countries fare any better.

So what then? Keep going, go bust and hand over the keys to the creditors? I don’t think so….

When we add the deliquescence of the Civic Society and the incompetence and hopelessness of the political class, we have the recipe for a big-time disaster.

Do you have a solution? Think hard, and if yes, speak up…. And be LOUD, please! Enjoy the reading!

(*) all figures as published by the French Finance Ministry (2010 data, General Budget only)