Let’s loot a store or two…

Instead of ranting about nobody seeing the raw facts and having the guts to talk about them, today I thought of writing about a few things going on and which are just a beginning….

The other day in Spain, two supermarkets were looted by unhappy people who were in financial distress to take (ok, steal) necessities from the stores and distribute them to people in need. Well what was kind of amazing is that the whole thing was organized by a…. labor union! Interesting, no? It shows that this is not some kind of act of some restless youth with nothing better to do one afternoon, but that people are REALLY hurting and struggling to get by.

Now let’s think about this. Governments will not be able to afford the social benefits distributed so far to temper the unemployement level, especially for the youth. In countries like Spain or Greece, many would take the benefits and pick up a seasonal “black-market” job to get by (that being considered fair game by all) and all would be fine. Now? Forget the benefits as the Governments cannot afford them anymore! So then what? Think about it: unemployment levels for the under 25 are at 55% and 48% for Greece and Spain respectively, so that is a lot of young and energetic people with no hope… to summarize, the London riots or the indignados in Spain are just a warming up…..

What would you do? Well, what about looting a store or two….

Simon Q.

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