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“I urge you to read it”

“Like a sorcerer, the author employs a number of simple-seeming but sophisticated literary devices to make us see what is already there, and in the process turns commonly accepted knowledge and assumptions upside down.”

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Michael Kammrath,


“2084 is a real tour de force. It’s rare to find a book that manages even to articulate the central themes of the crisis currently afflicting humanity, let alone to connect them and weave them into a coherent whole.
And to carry all this into a compelling and highly readable storytelling narrative that makes solemn messages accessible and entertaining to readers of all backgrounds is a stunning achievement.
The book’s title cleverly reflects Orwell’s 1984 and, at the same time, has the narrator explain to today’s reader how the 2084 situation was reached. The presentation of fairly short Chapters as “The Tale of…” makes it easy to read and gives an engaging story-like feel that also seems to have something mythic about it, reflected in some of the terminology – “The Events;” “The Old Man” and so on. Our future as history.
I find the general dramatic scenario pretty credible, and it almost seems more difficult to see an alternative way out of the current human predicament than the one presented here. The author cleverly outlines and connects the nature and pitfalls of the debt/credit culture, the sudden rise and eventual fate of oil-rich states, and levels of education in advanced nations.
I particularly like the totally unexpected and imaginative way which the Israeli-Palestinian issue is resolved. The book’s overall sweep is majestic, and while the eventual passing into a brighter future gives a welcome alternative to Orwell’s 1984 ending, there is enough of a dire warning in 2084 for it to merit serious attention from anyone interested in the future of our species, and especially from those able or wishing to influence it.”

“A disturbing theoretic fiction…. Provocative? Definitely. Intriguing? Incredibly. To the point? Annoyingly. Scary? Shiveringly…. But soooo entertaining, I loved it.”
Great Britain

“What a great read! You enjoy reading about the stupidity of today’s Society which we are all part of and you are not even surprised when it all collapses into the abyss to then reemerge; and the happy (or at least hopeful) ending makes you forget the previous horrors…. Hollywoodesque!”

“When the shit hits the fan, everybody gets splashed, especially when there is a lot of it…. No one is innocent, all are guilty, some just more than others, but it does not matter anymore!”

“You smile and even laugh while reading of horrific things human behavior can lead to… Disturbingly to the point.”

“It’s obvious, it’s looking at you in the face and you are doing nothing about it… The sense of canny wisdom you feel when reading through this book will not change the fact that you will go back to your daily life and do nothing about what you know is outright wrong with this world…”

“Disturbing, intriguing, cunning…… fascinatingly modern writing and entertaining reading, a bit like a humorously provocative blog!”

“….. It is about all of us seeing the signs and not doing anything to change our common fate. This book is here to let the few of us who dare ask about our future confirm their worst nightmare.

If you have the courage to face the evidence, listen to the old man’s story and follow him on his journey. Consequently, and similar to a prisoner savoring his last meal in the corridor of death, you will find yourself appreciating your every daily pleasures to a whole new extent. Indeed, you will then be aware of the fact that it is not to continue forever.

I wish you all the best, and I truly hope to meet you in Geneva in 2070…”

Alain, (Switzerland)


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