The reactions to NSA’s spying are… surprising!

Now that was quite something. The world is getting all upset because the NSA spies on everyone. Well, no kidding, you mean they happen to be doing their job, no? And in the intelligence business, you need to use any means and technology you can lay your hands on…

So I thought that was actually reassuring news, as a matter of fact. Number one because if anyone says they do not think this “intrusion” by the NSA is acceptable, they’re being impossibly naive. By the way, the Russians, the Chinese, the French, the Brits and most certainly anybody else who can, does it to…. It’s just that the Americans do it in a bigger way, maybe.

The disturbing part is that they outsourced it!!! To Booz-Allen (!) who then messes up the whole thing…. Supposedly, this should happen through some thorough super-serious and professional process with all kinds of fool-proof procedures rather than ending-up with some obscure employee getting access to some really confidential procedures, making copies and walking out with them…. very serious indeed!

Scary! Though it is so silly, that maybe it is all part of a broader machivellian plan and was all planned ahead…..

For sure we’ll wait with gruelling interest to see what will come out in the media who received copies of some of the information… What I would like to claim for myself is the right to use those super-snooping tools for a couple of days. That would undoubtedly be quite amusing!!

Simon Q.


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