So far, so good….. No, seriously!!!

Well, Ukraine is calming down…. Good ol’ Vladimir did get Crimea, made a fuss everywhere else to divert attention and raise enough fears so that all settle for a “Phew, he only took Crimea, so we’re good… !”. Well done, Vlad’! (You’ve been reading my blogs, huh?)

News from Ukrainian friends was that some biznessmen had to chip in to pay for gasoline to fill the military vehicles’ tanks so they could at least get out of their compounds; and the local population was delivering food to the soldiers, so they would eat. Speaks a million words about the way military budgets evaporate before even leaving the various ministries. Didn’t I use “the very worst Banana Republics in history” in the book….? Also loved the coverage of the facilities inside the financial administration building in Kiev…

Now how about that referendum in Eastern Ukraine? They sure made some noise beforehand, didn’t they? But since the vote? Nothing, no press coverage of any results, and no reaction from either side… interesting, no?

Oh yeah, and the oligarchs are now getting into the game. They need to keep Ukraine as a country to even exist, don’t they? Just as a reminder of obviousness: smell the money!

Overall, the trend is not bad, honestly. Elections are coming up and results will be recognised by all…. There will be some people who know well all sides and respective “history and interests” that will take control and slowly sort things out (chocolate, anyone? With a hard punch?). I remain convinced it will work, only because those people will have the interest of Ukrainians in mind, all Ukrainians…..

More on this one soon. Right Vlad’?

Simon Q.

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