A missed communication opportunity for the Muslim community…

I am assuming that many saw on the internet the video of one of the murderers of an innocent UK soldier killed in the street who goes on a rant about their reasons and the Jihad and all that crap, talking to someone who pulled out his smartphone to record it…

The video is disturbing. Watch it again (here is the CNN news version)! Did you notice the lady pulling her shopping-caddie and just walking around the “hero” of that video to get on with her day…. very disturbing!

What media-coverage this got and how it was used by all was quite revolting.

The next day, spontaneous muslim groups were in the streets of London, protesting with well made signs against anyone who would think of ostracizing Islam and the Muslim community… Looking up who these movements are and who finances them is also disturbing…. The latter are clearly not only involved in buying Real Estate and football teams.

Well, a far more impactful thing to do would have been for the leaders of the Muslim community, especially those from where the murderers come from, to get together and pay a visit to the police station where they were being held. Then ask for the murderers to be handed over to them; they would then march them up to the roof of the highest building around and give them the choice: “Or you jump by yourself or we’ll push you..”. The whole thing would be filmed and put on YouTube. That would have been far more efficient to relay the message of what Islam values of peace and respect really are and how perpetrators of such actions should be treated. From an impact perspective, that video would have been a real smash on YouTube, likely exceeding the number of views Psy got with his Gangnam Style clip…..

Just saying…

Simon Q.

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